SCRCPY (Screen Copy) Version History

SCRCPY APP Release Notes: Version History and Updates

Version Comment Download Release Date
v2.1.1 Ignore fold change events for other display ids Fix Meizu deadlock Fix possible division by zero Increase attempts to start AudioRecord Download 2023-07-15
v2.1 Add feature of forward audio without video, Bug Fixes Download 2023-06-22
v2.0 Add Audio forwarding, Bug Fixes Download 2023-03-12
v1.25 Adapt copy-paste internals for Android 13, Bug Fixes Download 2023-12-22
v1.24 Fixed previous scrcpy versions issues on Android 13 preview Download 2023-04-29
v1.23 Add HID/OTG support for Windows & MacOS Download 2022-02-23
v1.22 Add HID mouse support & OTG mode Download 2021-11-29
v1.21 Add tunnel host & tunnel port options and more Download 2021-11-30
v1.20 Add official high resolution icon & more Fixes Download 2021-11-12
v1.19 Implement buffering & more Fixes Download 2021-11-09