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File Name: Scrcpy v2.3.1
File Size: 5.65 MB
Requirements: Windows 7 or MacOS 10.12
Languages: English
License: Free
Last Updated: 2023-12-03

SCRCPY: Seamlessly Connect, Control, and Enjoy Your Android Screen on PC

SCRCPY latest version 2.3.1 released on 03.12.2023, and it allows you to transform Android screen management, seamlessly mirroring, controlling, and recording your device on your Windows, Linux or MacOS PC. Experience low-latency, high-quality mirroring for immersive Android interaction. Use your keyboard and mouse effortlessly for navigation. SCRCPY offers wireless connectivity and cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, macOS). Record screens, control playback speed, and customize for a user-friendly experience. With Picture-in-Picture (PiP) multitasking support, SCRCPY caters to gamers, developers, and Android enthusiasts, delivering versatile, user-centric features. Elevate your Android interaction today with SCRCPY.

SCRCPY Download

SCRCPY: Your Android Screen, Your Way!

Seamlessly control and mirror your Android screen on PC with SCRCPY App. Low latency, high quality. Elevate your Android experience with ease.


Quick and easy screen mirroring from your Android device to PC?

SCRCPY is a completely free tool that allows you to mirror your Android device's screen to your PC without the need to install any additional apps on your Android device. Once mirrored, you can easily control your Android device using your PC's keyboard and mouse. This includes tasks like playing audio and video files, as well as screen recording capabilities etc.The latest version of SCRCPY 2.3.1 now available to download Windows, Linux and MacOS. Download SCRCPY App by using following links and find SCRCPY installation guides on this website. Furthermore, it is a safe and secure app for enhancing your Android experience.

What is compatible?

  • SCRCPY Download app compatible with  API 21 (Android 5.0) or above.
  • Audio forwarding is supported only for API >= 30 (Android 11+)
  • Ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your device(s)3

Which PC operating systems (ver)

  • Windows: Scrcpy is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. It should work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems.
  • Linux: Scrcpy is compatible with various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and more. It should work on most modern Linux distributions.
  • macOS: Scrcpy can be installed and used on macOS systems, Scrcpy is available in Homebrew. Also you need adb accessible from your path, If you don’t have.

Limitations or incompatible devices (iOS)

Scrcpy does have certain limitations and is incompatible with devices or scenarios that fall outside its scope. Here are some key limitations and incompatible scenarios for Scrcpy.

SCRCPY iOS Version -  Scrcpy is designed exclusively for Android devices and is not compatible with iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. The fundamental differences in the iOS architecture, security model, and protocols prevent Scrcpy from working with Apple's mobile ecosystem.

Non-Android Operating Systems: Scrcpy is primarily built for Android and relies on the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for communication. It cannot be used with operating systems other than Android, such as iOS, Windows Phone, or proprietary mobile OSes.

Limited Audio Support: Scrcpy primarily focuses on screen mirroring and device control and does not natively support audio transmission. Users looking to mirror audio from Android devices may need to use additional tools or settings. But Audio forwarding is supported for API >= 30 (Android 11+) or above.

Root Access for Some Features: Certain advanced features of Scrcpy, such as the ability to interact with secure input methods (e.g., banking apps), may require root access on the Android device. Rooting your device can void warranties and comes with its own set of risks and limitations.

Performance Variation: The performance of Scrcpy may vary depending on the specifications of the Android device being used. Older or lower-end devices may not achieve the same level of performance and frame rates as high-end ones.

Resolution Limitations: While Scrcpy supports high resolutions, extremely high resolutions may not be practical due to performance limitations on both the Android device and the computer running Scrcpy.

Limited Multi-Touch Support: Scrcpy provides basic multi-touch support, but it may not fully replicate all multi-touch gestures and interactions that are possible on the Android device.

Dependency on ADB: Scrcpy relies on ADB, which must be correctly installed and configured on the computer. If there are issues with ADB or device drivers, it can affect Scrcpy's functionality.

No Direct Remote Control of Non-Android Devices: Scrcpy is not designed to remotely control computers, non-Android devices, or IoT devices. Its primary use case is mirroring and controlling Android smartphones and tablets.

Features of SCRCPY App

  • Lightness: SCRCPY is a lightweight application that offers a native experience by displaying only the device screen without adding unnecessary overhead.
  • Performance: Scrcpy App provides a smooth experience with a frame rate ranging from 30 to 120 frames per second (fps), depending on the capabilities of the connected device.
  • Quality: It supports high-quality screen mirroring with a resolution of 1920×1080 or higher, ensuring a crisp and clear display.
  • Low Latency: Scrcpy offers low latency, typically ranging from 35 to 70 milliseconds (ms), making it suitable for real-time interactions and gaming.
  • Low Startup Time: The app has a fast startup time, taking approximately 1 second to display the first image from the connected Android device.
  • Non-Intrusiveness: Scrcpy does not leave any trace or install anything on the Android device, ensuring that it remains non-intrusive and does not clutter the device with unnecessary software.
  • User Benefits: Scrcpy is user-friendly and offers several benefits, including:

No requirement for user accounts or registrations.

No ads or pop-ups during usage.

No need for an internet connection after installation, as it works locally.

Freedom: Scrcpy is free and open-source software (FOSS), which means it is both free to use and open for modification and distribution by the community. This ensures users have the freedom to customize and enhance the application according to their needs.

Credits for SCRCPY App Developers

The Scrcpy, an open-source project developed and maintained by various contributors over time. 

Romain Vimont: Romain Vimont is one of the primary developers and maintainers of Scrcpy. He has made significant contributions to the project and has been actively involved in its development.

Genymobile: Genymobile, a company specialising in Android emulation and related technologies, has been a key supporter of Scrcpy. They have contributed to its development and used it in their products.

GitHub Community: Scrcpy is hosted on GitHub, and it's an open-source project that has received contributions from developers and enthusiasts worldwide. The GitHub community has played a vital role in the project's success.

Open Source Contributors: Many individual open-source contributors have provided bug reports, feature requests, code contributions, and documentation updates to enhance Scrcpy.


How to use SCRCPY (Screen Copy)

How to Use the SCRCPY App in 9 Simple Steps.

First you should go to SCRCPY download section of this website. There, you can access the respective versions, SCRCPY for Windows, SCRCPY for Mac and SCRCPY for Linux catering to your operating system. Once you've downloaded the appropriate App version, connect your Android device to your computer via USB debugging mode. Then, open your system's command prompt or terminal and run the Scrcpy command. This action will initiate app, mirroring and granting you control over your Android device's screen directly on your computer. It's a simple, cross-platform solution for tasks like presentations, testing applications, or conveniently using your Android device without switching screens.

  1. Visit SCRCPY's Download Section: Go to the SCRCPY download section on our website.
  2. Select Your Operating System: Choose the SCRCPY version that matches your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and download it.
  3. Enable USB Debugging on Your Android Device: On your Android device, go to Settings > Developer Options, and enable USB Debugging. If Developer Options are not visible, tap on "Build number" in the About Phone section seven times to unlock it.
  4. Connect Your Android Device to Your Computer: Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to your computer in USB Debugging mode.
  5. Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge): Download and install ADB to your computer which is part of the Android SDK Platform Tools.
  6. Open Command Prompt or Terminal: On your computer, open the command prompt (Windows) or terminal (Mac/Linux)

  1. Navigate to SCRCPY Directory: Use the cd command to navigate to the directory where you downloaded SCRCPY.
  2. Run SCRCPY: Enter the following command in the command prompt or terminal:

  1. Control Your Android Device: You can now control your Android device's screen directly from your computer using your mouse and keyboard. It's a convenient solution for tasks like presentations, app testing, or using your Android device without needing to switch screens.

SCRCPY Download app offers a wide range of functions for Android device

Audio Forwarding (Android 11): You can forward audio from your Android device to your computer. Audio forwarding is supported for Android 11 or higher, and enables it by default.

Recording: SCRCPY allows you to easily record the screen of your Android device . It offers various recording options,such as, allowing you to choose between recording only audio or video,disable playback while recording, limit the recording time, etc. Also, you can save your recordings in Matroska (.mkv) or MP4 (.mp4) file formats as the final output

Mirroring with Android Device Screen Off: Even when your Android device's screen is turned off, SCRCPY can continue mirroring its display, ensuring uninterrupted access. You can use the following commands to turn off the screen. 

scrcpy --turn-screen-off

scrcpy -S   # short version

Or by pressing MOD+o 

Copy-Paste in Both Directions:SCRCPY supports two-way copy pasting, enabling seamless data transfer between your Android device and your computer. 

Configurable Quality: By default, scrcpy tries to mirror the same as Android device resolution. It is better to mirror at a lower definition to increase performance. Maximum value both width and height 1024. You can adjust the display quality according to your preferences, balancing performance and image quality.

Android Device Screen as a Webcam (V4L2) (Linux-only): On Linux systems, SCRCPY allows you to send the video stream to a v4l2 loopback device. So then your Android device can work as a webcam by any v4l2-capable tool. To do that first you have to install the The module “v4l2loopback” 

To install v4l2loopback module, copy the following commands as it is. 

sudo apt install v4l2loopback-dkms

To create a v4l2 device:

sudo modprobe v4l2loopback video_nr=1

Physical Keyboard/Mouse Simulation (HID): By default, when you use scrcpy, it sends input commands directly to the Android system. However, when you connect it via USB, you have the option to send HID events instead. This means scrcpy can act like a physical keyboard and/or mouse connected to your Android device. Additionally, there's a special OTG mode that lets you control your device without mirroring the screen or needing USB debugging enabled. Also this.

OTG Mode:  Scrcpy app lets you simulate physical keyboard and mouse inputs from your computer to your Android device by using OTG cable. In this mode, there is no need for adb (USB debugging), and mirroring is disabled.



Frequently Asked Questions about SCRCPY (Screen Copy)

Is SCRCPY free to use?

Yes, SCRCPY is free and open-source software released under the Apache License 2.0. You can use it without any cost.

How to use Scrcpy wireless?

Scrcpy primarily supports wired connections, but you can set up wireless connectivity through ADB (Android Debug Bridge) over Wi-Fi. Detailed instructions can be found in Scrcpy's documentation.

How to set up Scrcpy?

Setting up the Scrcpy app involves downloading the appropriate version for your operating system, connecting your Android device via USB debugging, and running the Scrcpy command in the terminal or command prompt. Detailed setup instructions are available on the Scrcpy install page.

How to install Scrcpy?

Installation instructions vary depending on your OS. Generally, for Windows, you download the exe file, while for Linux, you can use package managers. For Mac, you can use package managers or Homebrew.

How to install Scrcpy in Windows?

To install Scrcpy download app on Windows, you can download the Windows version from the download page and run the exe file. Detailed installation steps are available on the Scrcpy install page.

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Troubleshooting SCRCPY (Screen Copy)

Why is the Device not detected?

When your device is not detected, make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device. Try using different USB cables and ports. Restarting both your device and computer can also help in some cases.

What is Device unauthorized error?

If you encounter the "Device unauthorized" error, it means that your computer hasn't been granted permission to access your Android device. On your Android device, you should see a pop-up asking for authorization; make sure to grant it.

Why Connection failures occur?

Connection failures can occur due to various reasons. Ensure that you have a stable USB connection. If you're attempting a wireless connection, verify that both your computer and Android device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Firewalls or antivirus software may also block the connection, so check your security settings.

Could not find any adb device SCRCPY

This error message indicates that Scrcpy couldn't detect your connected Android device. To resolve this issue, ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your device, and the device is securely connected to your computer via a USB cable. Restarting both your device and computer can also help.

Does Scrcpy support audio?

Scrcpy primarily focuses on screen mirroring and device control and does not natively support audio transmission. However, you can route audio separately from your Android device to your computer using additional tools or settings.

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